Alle GFM Su Misura leren pakken zijn volledig ambachtelijk in Italië geproduceerd. Geniet van meer dan 30 jaren ervaring in Moto GP en SBK. Alle materialen zijn CE gecertifieerd

Leveringstermijnen van 3 tot 8 weken afhankelijk van de bestelling datum.

In 1960 SIDI began as a craftsman’s workshop manufacturing mountain sports footwear. In the 1970’s SIDI began specializing in cycling footwear and boots for off-road and on-road motorcycling. Dino Signori, founder of SIDI, has combined a passion for cycling with more 50 years of experience manufacturing innovative sporting footwear.
Thanks to this passion and a deep, intuitive knowledge of the business SIDI has become the market leader in cycling and motorcycle shoes. After half a decade, SIDI’s unique balance of tradition and innovation, style and comfort, make SIDI sporting footwear exceptional in the industry.
Highlighting the strong identification between the company and its founder, the Sidi logo started off as a union of DIno SIgnori’s initials. In 1974 the logo becomes the one we all know today with the addition of the vortex symbol representing strength and movement. 
From a simple logo, the Sidi trademark has become one of the most recognizable and known brands in the business.
Combining innovation with a half-century of experience; the SIDI brand evokes a passion that goes beyond that of just a company. 

TOP performance

Whether you are on the track or on the road, there is a certainty: with SIXS products, you are better.

There is no other undersuit that can be compared with ours! Under the leather suit, you will feel your skin dry. It reduces the winter cold and makes you stand the summer heat.
The new PRO STX model combines comfort with protection.

Comfort without compromises

Our products guarantee unbeatable comfort: as they do not have internal seams, you will feel that you are not actually wearing them, but they will be between your skin and perspiration to give you protection against temperature variations.

Zandonà begins his story in 1985, based in one of the most important industrial districts in the world, engaging in Research and Development ofsolutions for plastics-technology. In 1997 began the study and the implementation of the first Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that will be completed and market worldwide since 2001.
Since 2001 Zandonà is a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the implementation of PPE, exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy.
The experience gained over time allows the company to offer innovative products, high in quality and covered by a functional design.
Cooperation with racing teams and pilots, external designers, modelers and technicians is stimulus for Zandonà to innovate and for a continuous technical updating. The sharing of these experiences contributes to further enrich their Research & Development laboratory, making the Zandonà products always more and more excellent in quality, performance, style and comfort.