Grid Pro Bottle 0,75L

The Grid Pro™ bottle lets you enjoy cool hydration just like the pro’s. Gives you quick access through the 
extended drinking tube without the need to take off your helmet when you’re in the pit or paddock. 
The aluminum bottle keeps liquids cooler and gives you a high-profile racing bottle.

  • Made for racers
  • Reusable & BPA-free
  • Aluminum: Taste-free and durable


  • To Drink: Grab the Bite Valve with your mouth, bite and sip
  • To Clean: Clean bottle before first use. Disassemble Bite Valve and straw for thorough cleaning.
  • Handwash only recommended with water and soap.
  • Not for carbonated beverages.

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Hydration Bottle Features:
1x Aluminum bottle with plastic cap, silicone drink tube and bite valve

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GFM. Grid Pro Bottle 0,75L
GFM. Grid Pro Bottle 0,75L