SACHSENRING DE 26-27/07/2018 / Free riding

This is the right way to enjoy your bike in safety on the most beautiful European's  race tracks with a professional team!
No matter your level, beginner or expert pilot, you will ride in separated groups according your own pace. everything is done to make your track day unforgettable.


Free Riding 2018 @ SACHSENRING

The Sachsenring is located in the municipality of Hohenstein-Ernstthal, in the German state of Saxony.
In 1927, a race was held for the first time on the old, now unused street circuit. The Sachsenring is thus one of the oldest circuits in Germany.
In 1934, for the first time, the Grand Prix of Germany was organized.
In 1950, around 400.000 (! spectators visited the competition for the joint German championship.
Another highlight was the world championship cycling 1960 on the 8,7 km long track, where the Belgian Rik Van Looy became world champion.
Meanwhile, the most important annual events at the Sachsenring, are the MotoGP, the ADAC Sachsenring Classic, and the ADAC GT Masters.
Since 1998, the Grand Prix of Germany has been organized at the Sachsenring.
Every year, around 200.000 spectators come to the event.
45.000 enthusiasts find - every year - their way to the Sachsenring, for this big "classic event" for cars and motorbikes. 

Am Sachsenring 2

Dimensions and technical data

Length: 3,671 m / 2,281 miles
Number of left turns: 10
Number of right turns: 4
Width: min. 12 m, max. 20 m
Limiting noise: 92 dB - Dynamically measured. 

GFM. SACHSENRING DE 26/07/2018 26-27/07/2018 / Free riding
GFM. SACHSENRING DE 26/07/2018 26-27/07/2018 / Free ridingGFM. SACHSENRING DE 26/07/2018 26-27/07/2018 / Free riding