METTET BE 2/09/2015 / Free riding

C’est la formule qui vous permettra de venir rouler en toute sécurité, sur les plus beaux circuits d’Europe avec un encadrement professionnel.
Destiné à tous, que vous soyez pilote débutant ou confirmé, vous roulerez dans des groupes adaptés à votre niveau afin de profiter pleinement de votre journée sur circuit.


Each event consists of 6 sessions, one session lasting 20 minutes. The bikers will be split into four groups:

Beginners: no to very limited track-experience
Rookies: limited to satisfactory track-experience
Advanced: satisfactory track-experience
Experts: plenty of track-experience

  • The day starts with a joint morning briefing explaining how the day will proceed, as well as introducing the flags and rules of the track. In this meeting, you will get an answer to any questions you may have.
  • For the first couple of sessions, the beginners will be divided into smaller groups, each of which will be guided by an experienced instructor as lead driver. This way, each participant will learn to know the track and the correct driving technique in the safest way. If you have any questions, the instructors are available to you both before and after each session. After a few guided sessions, you will have the opportunity to do some free riding at your own speed. Any beginner, who would not feel secure enough for this free riding, can ask the instructor to guide him further on the track.
  • For Rookies, Advanced bikers and Experts the day consists of free riding sessions within their level. If necessary, they can also ask for an instructor to drive a few rounds with them.

All our coworkers, as well as medical staff, will do everything in their power to make your day of track-driving a pleasant, instructive and safe experience with a maximum of driving pleasure!

The circuit of Mettet 
The circuit is built on a site of 14 hectares with an elevation of 13 meters. The particularity of this track is that both the bikes & cars can use it because it has been designed according the users requirments.
All turns were called by the names of the famous drivers who have distinguished themselves on the circuit Mettet throughout its history since 1927. 
A service road bypasses the entire circuit from the outside and is mainly used by cars intervention, emergency services and journalists.
The platform provide a beautiful panoramic view of the whole circuit. 

Rue Saint Donat 6, B-5640 Mettet 
Phone: +32 71710080  

Dimensions and technical data 
Length: 2280m 
Width: 12m 
Straight line of 609m width 14m 
Noise: Original exhausts are required 94 dB!

GFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free riding
GFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free ridingGFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free ridingGFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free ridingGFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free ridingGFM. METTET BE 02/09/2015 2/09/2015 / Free riding